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Adhytia Putra

Creative Director

Adhyt is a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and one of the founders of SPARC stories. In SPARC stories, Adhyt utilizes his penchant for conceptual exploration to find  suitable approaches for the stories the team is working on. Read more...


Yus G. Marto

Production Director

As a filmmaker Yus believes in the power of silent cinema. Through his numerous TV commercial experience, Yus ensures that SPARC stories' best videos are produced with efficient cost and within timely manner. Read more...


Rendy Darmawan

Business Director

Starting from radio announcing, to TV hosting in YHTV, and now one of the cofounder of SPARC stories, Rendy is a passionate storyteller across many platforms. As the Business Director, Rendy drew from his business management and economy background to manage the framework for SPARC's growth as an entity. Read more...